Living Room Redesign: Your Flooring Style and What it Says About You

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Redesigning your living room is a great place to start in the overhaul and remodel of your home. There are loads of options to choose from in terms of floors and furniture, and every kind of style and element says something about your unique personality.

In this article, we cover the many different kinds of flooring that could be used in your living room redesign, and what they say about you.

Wood Floors – Classic, Rustic, Versatile

Wood floors go with all kinds of different interior designs. Hardwood floor in fayetteville nc, for instance, is beautiful, polished, and perfect for representing comfort and luxury in your home. As for you, an affinity for wood floors means you are classic with an appreciation for rustic elements that make a home cozy.

Tile Floors – Sophisticated, Modern, Creative

You can do a lot with tile floors because they come in different colors and patterns to match your living room décor. In this sense, you have an air of modern sophistication with a touch of creativity. You shine in a room because of your artsy perspective.

Carpets – Comfortable, Confident, Positive

The best carpets are cozy and plush for optimum comfort. Using carpet in your living room design means you are a confident, positive person. You love classics and people love to be around you because of the warmth you bring to their lives.

Laminate Floors – Self-Assured, Hopeful, Clever

When you want versatile, laminate floors can mimic tile and hardwood without the high-maintenance upkeep. Decorating with this flooring means you are hopeful and clever with a self-assured attitude that awards you success in whatever your endeavors.

Did You Learn Something New About You?

Your interior design preferences are related to your personality. Thus, the flooring types and furniture you choose for a living room redesign will reflect who you are. Choose wisely and wow your guests!